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T. van Willigenburg, Introduction to the philosophy of the management sciences, Kant Academy, Utrecht , 2012, ISBN 978 90 8666 265 4 (€ 37,50  incl. verzendkosten/ shipping costs)  NEW REVISED EDITION

What are the claims of the management sciences based on? Why do we trust scientific theories, like theories about the most effective way of managing certain processes in business? Is what those theories tell us indeed correct? Does the market function in the way economists tell us? How trustworthy are theories about social and psychological mechanisms which are used to understand and influence the behaviour of employees, managers, or consumers?

This introduction helps the reader to reflect on the nature of the knowledge which is generated by the management sciences and other social sciences. Business administration is a multidisciplinary subject, characterised by a broad array of theoretical and methodological approaches. Such approaches may express distinct views on what is to be counted as ‘scientific’. In this book, the reader will find the concepts, theories, and insights needed to disentangle, order, analyse, and scrutinise the multitude of approaches in the management sciences.

Readers will come to understand the often penetrating arguments used in the debates among philosophers of science and the surprising ideas of known and unknown thinkers. They will be challenged to formulate a reasoned answer of their own to the questions posed in this Introduction

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Dit boek kan worden besteld door € 40,-- (€ 37,50 + € 2,50 porti) over te maken naar Rabobankrekening NL24RABO0108672700 t.n.v. Kant Academy, o.v.v. van het volledige adres waar het boek naartoe gezonden kan worden (hetgeen gebeurt direct na ontvangst van uw betaling).


This is the thoroughly revised and updated 2012 version of Introduction to the Philosophy of the Management Sciences which was first published in 2008. The new edition contains more extended explanations of core concepts in the philosophy of science, updated examples, and new discussions, e.g. about the assumption of rational egoism in economic theory, about the ontology of money, and about the idea of free will in intentional explanations.


Chapter 1: Why philosophy of science?
Chapter 2: Observation, theoretical knowledge, and paradigms
Chapter 3: Explaining and understanding at the micro level:
Actors and agents
Chapter 4: Explaining and understanding at the macro level:
Systems and social meaning
Chapter 5: Relativism, truth, and the value of science
Library of concepts.

Bij het leerboek zijn 45 multiple choice oefenvragen gemaakt over de centrale begrippen uit de begrippenbibliotheek.

Daarbij komen de volgende thema's aan de orde:



*  Het karakter van wetenschappelijke kennis en van bedrijfskundig onderzoek

*  Het standaardmodel van de wetenschappen (en de kritiek daarop)

*  Functionele verklaringen (in onderscheid van bijv. causale verklaringen)

*  Verstehen & Erklären en niveau van analyse

*  Individualisme en holisme

*  Rationele keuzetheorie

*  intentionele verklaringen